To those affected by the attack of December 16th, 2014

There are no words to describe the absolute brutality of what occurred in Pakistan 2 days prior. I am grieved at the senselessness of it all and for the irreversible damage this disastrous incident has caused.

My heart shatters as I think about the fear those children must’ve felt moments before their lives were stolen. Then, it aches for the survivors and families who will be feeling the repercussions of this tragedy for the remainder of their lives.

And once more, my heart is saddened on behalf of the so-called “men” who were/are so enwrapped in darkness as to become completely numb to the horrors of the world. I don’t know what drove you to such madness and when you stopped having regard for human life. On December 16th, you claimed the lives of the most innocent. What is most puzzling to me is that you yourself possessed that same innocence as a child. What happened? What caused your light to dim so low?

Your actions are far beyond inexcusable. You besieged a school and slaughtered children and faculty who could in no way defend themselves…and you displayed no mercy. If that’s not a sign of cowardice, then I don’t know what is. And yet, I pity you. I genuinely do.

To those immediately affected by these turn of events…I am sorry. Truly, I am. I am deeply sorry for what you have been called to endure. In a moment like this, it’s human nature to grieve and then become angry as you replay the episode over in your minds. But, don’t allow that anger to dominate you. If given room to grow, it will consume your every being in its entirety.

Don’t let them win. Support one another during this time of trial and heartache. Be kinder. Show compassion. Replace that hatred with hope.

I believe those who were forcibly taken away from us are now safe, and experiencing perhaps more peace than anyone on Earth can comprehend. If there is one thing I’d have you know, it’s that families can once again be reunited after this life. Death is not the end. Life goes on. I hope you find at least a glimmer of hope in this eternal truth. Even if you don’t believe it is possible, I know it is.

Here is a short message to you; our wayward brothers commonly referred to as “Terrorists”, the immediate victims of December 16th, and the families who are left to pick up the pieces…

To the so-called “Terrorists”: I am sorry that you’ve been exposed to so much within your lifetime. If this were not so, you would not be utterly desensitized to such acts of cruelty. This by no means justifies your actions though. I feel sorry for you because sooner or later, you will look back at that moment with deep regret. It’s not my place to say what is to become of you when you have passed from this life, but what I do know is that you will have to own up to your actions one day. And for that reason, I am very, very afraid for you.

To the Children & Faculty: I wish I knew the purpose behind the trials we are called to bear in this life. I am so sorry for the terror you were subject to at the hands of diabolical men. But, I know that you are at peace where you are. I know you are okay and at the very least, your souls are at rest.

To the moms, dads, siblings, relatives, colleagues, and friends affected: You are faced with perhaps the hardest task of all. You have suffered a great loss, and now, what’s next? Forgive. It’s easy to let the poison of hatred run through your veins…it’s easy to allow anger to govern every fiber of your soul, but don’t let the wrong side claim their victory. Be stronger. Stand courageously in the face of evil.

Forgive, and live. I have faith in you.

You will see your loved ones again…I promise ❤ 

9 thoughts on “Peshawar

    • I know. It’s something we probably won’t understand even in years to come. I wonder what these men have been exposed to in their lifetimes that has caused them to be so numb to tragedy.


    • I agree. It doesn’t make sense, and there is no justification for it. It’s also sad to think that these “men” are the way that they are because of what they have been exposed to in their lifetime as well.


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